Classroom Laboratory, Project No 18-COP-0016, EEA Grants 2014-2021

Output 1

Output 2

Output 3

   Classroom Laboratory Impact Tool - will be designed as an Open Educational Resource (OER), which will measure and summarize the foreseeable impact of Classroom Laboratory course on both HEI’s involved (students, teachers and administrative staff from NTNU and WUT). The Classroom Laboratory Impact Tool aims to ensure the quality management of the Classroom Laboratory course at WUT and NTNU and will consist in an online questionnaire about the expectations, quality of learning activities and of the direct interactions between students, teachers, business and industry representatives and nongovernmental organizations representatives who will actively participate at the laboratory activities. The Impact Tool will be directly administrated during the implementation period of the first Classroom Laboratory Joint Course at WUT and NTNU after each lecture (in the period October-December 2020), its analyzed and its results will be disseminated at the E2 Impact Workshop.

Output 4

   A joint publication - at least one scientific article submitted to peer review publication, elaborated by a joint research team from both HEI’s involved, NTNU and WUT, on the bases of the project results and disseminated at the E2 Impact Workshop outcomes, by the end of the project.